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About Nasplaya

North American Standards Property Management (Nasplaya) is a boutique real estate company that focuses on real estate sales, property management and rentals in Playa del Carmen (Playa), Tulum and the surrounding Riviera Maya. Founded by Matt Weatherbee and Allan Lockhart, Nasplaya seeks to distinguish itself by providing the quality of care clients expect from a major real estate company, while providing the quality of care clients expect from a dedicated realtor. Matt and Allan bring over 40 years of combined real estate experience. Unlike larger companies in the area, Nasplaya focuses on our clients and their well-being, allowing us to provide a more tailored service. Only through this type of attention can Nasplaya hope to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients.


Nasplaya was conceived one fateful spring vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Founders, and Boston, Massachusetts natives, Matt and Allan, fell in love with Playa. They observed from Playa's rapid real estate growth, the need for competent, attentive and efficient real estate experience in the Riviera Maya. Matt and Allan decided to transport their combined 40 years' real estate experience from Boston to Mexico - literally. Upon returning from vacation, they sold everything, packed their SUV and 3 months later, from 4,500 miles from Boston to Playa to start their new business venture, Nasplaya.